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Seller Tips


3 Tips for a Facelift on a Budget

3 Tips for a Facelift on a Budget

You don't have to completely remodel your home to sell it for top dollar. For the best return on investment focus on upgrades that have the most impact! ​You want to remove all the "small imperfections" that will keep a potential buyer from making an offer. I am...

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How Staging Impacts the Sale of your Home

Today's home buyers are looking for more than a move-in ready home. They want to be wowed. Furthermore, they are willing to pay for it, which is why you need to know the ins and outs of home staging! That's why staging your home benefits you in many ways when you...

This Will Most Likely Happen … When You List Your Home

Selling your home is a very emotional experience. You are not just selling a piece of real estate. You are selling your memories. ​Not surprisingly homeowners are easily irritated with picky buyers and seemingly unreasonable requests by their agents. Because the sale...

How I Sold a House another Agent Could Not Sell

Last November I received a call from a desperate homeowner. They had fired their listing agent, after their home was on the market for more than a month with no activity. Their new-built home was getting ready by the end of the year. They had to sell! These homeowners...

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