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New Home Prices Skyrocket – Where to find Deals

A few weeks ago, I read an article in Business First stating that Columbus "is not even coming close" to meeting housing needs. They are quoting a report commissioned by the Building Industry Association (BIA) which shows how new construction lacks far behind its peak...

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Get top dollar when you sell your home

How I Sold a House another Agent Could Not Sell

Last November I received a call from a desperate homeowner. They had fired their listing agent, after their home was on the market for more than a month with no activity. Their new-built home was getting ready by the end of the year. They had to sell! These homeowners...

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Housing Stats Comparison: Aspen vs. Dublin

We just returned to Columbus from a "business trip" to Aspen, Colorado. We were very lucky our flight was able to land at Port Columbus around midnight after circling for half an hour. And the road conditions driving home were much worse than this morning. When real...

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Learn about Columbus Neighborhoods

New Neighborhood Spotlight: Belmont Place

This new Delaware County neighborhood is just minutes away from the Polaris Fashion Mall, popular grocery stores like Meijer, Kroger and Giant Eagle. There are also many gorgeous Metro Parks within the area, two of which are; High Banks Metro Park, Alum Creek State...

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New Neighborhood Spotlight: Ballantrae Woods

Ballantrae Woods is a 49.6-acre residential development that is a new phase that will add on to the already huge Ballantrae Neighborhood. The entrance to the community embraces you with The Giant Dancing Rabbits sculpture at Ballantrae Park. Though the homes...

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Making sense of the Numbers

Find out what’s cool now

Will Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home?

Last week a good friend asked me by how much the value of his home may have increased since he installed solar panels? He had solar panels for more than a year and added a "power wall" of batteries to store the extra energy he's collecting. His electric bill is...

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5 Reasons Why Homesnap is the Best Real Estate App

Today I would like to introduce you to the Top-Rated Real Estate App: Homesnap. It gives you real time access to the MLS, as well as property tax records, census data, parcel boundaries, school districts, and more. The Columbus Association of Realtors connected our...

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Homeowners are 48 Times “Richer” than Renters

Do you remember the New Albany Condo I advertised in last week's email? ​I had 20 buyers visit my open house, we received 3 offers above list price, and 2 agents called me with eager buyers after a contract was signed. There's a lot of demand for affordable homes and...

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Events in and around Dublin

Can You Still Find Good Investment Properties?

A few weeks ago, this article caught my eye: Home Flipping Investors Abandon Columbus. It's based on a survey by that shows that Columbus experienced an 18.8% drop in home flipping last summer. That's a steeper decline than in any other large metro area in...

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Reflections on a Great Year

As I reflect on this past year, I feel very blessed to have you as a reader of this weekly newsletter. I am grateful for your support and feedback as I am trying to share my insights and stories on the housing market. I hope this is helpful for you and even saved you...

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Builder Incentives are Back

Fall is here with a vengeance with temperatures dropping from the 90's to the 30's in a couple of days. What happened to our beautiful Ohio autumns? Temperatures are not the only things falling. Builders are substantially dropping prices of market ready homes and...

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