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Helping you find the perfect home

5 Reasons to Buy this Fall

If you've been shopping for a home this spring, you experienced an extremely competitive housing market. You may have lost bidding wars against other buyers or just did not find the home you imagined because of a lack of inventory. If you are still looking for a home...

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Why Experience Matters When You Hire an Agent

Did you know that there are 8,000 licensed real estate agents in Central Ohio? They closed 32,218 residential transactions in 2017. The average real estate agent closed ONLY 4 transactions last year. We will elaborate on why these numbers back up the fact that,...

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5 Facts Buyers Must Know in Today’s Market

I can really feel the pain you experience as a home buyer in today's competitive market. It's frustrating when you rush to a property right after it gets listed just to find out that other buyers already submitted offers above list price. If you want to buy in this...

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Get top dollar when you sell your home

What Exactly is a Net Sheet & Why You Should Care?

When you sell your home, you incur all kinds of expenses. Most of these expenses are not paid out-of-pocket, but they are deducted from the sales price. ​ To find out how much you will actually net at closing you'll need a Net Sheet. Why Realtor Commissions are Less...

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How Long Does It Take to Sell My House?

The Columbus housing market is changing as we approach the new school year. New "For Sale" signs are popping up every day. ​Last week I met with 4 homeowners who are planning to sell. They wanted to find out how I will market their homes to get top dollar. ​One of the...

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How Quickly Do Homes Really Sell?

Many homeowners tell me they cannot sell their house right now, because they are afraid they won't find a new one. With the inventory at historic lows and multiple buyers competing for the same listing you may have a hard time finding the perfect home you've always...

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Learn about Columbus Neighborhoods

New Neighborhood Spotlight: Belmont Place

This new Delaware County neighborhood is just minutes away from the Polaris Fashion Mall, popular grocery stores like Meijer, Kroger and Giant Eagle. There are also many gorgeous Metro Parks within the area, two of which are; High Banks Metro Park, Alum Creek State...

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New Neighborhood Spotlight: Ballantrae Woods

Ballantrae Woods is a 49.6-acre residential development that is a new phase that will add on to the already huge Ballantrae Neighborhood. The entrance to the community embraces you with The Giant Dancing Rabbits sculpture at Ballantrae Park. Though the homes...

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Making sense of the Numbers

Find out what’s cool now

Should You Attend the Million Dollar Parade of Homes?

This year's Parade of Homes will be going on for another week at Jerome Village. It's the Million Dollar Parade, because 6 of the 7 homes on display cost more than $1 million. Only Manor Homes' entry was a little less expensive at $979,000. Here is last years parade....

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Should You Retire in the Caribbean?

I just got back from a short trip to the Dominican Republic. This was not an all-inclusive vacation to a fancy resort. Instead, Kurt and I traveled with friends who are in the process of buying a condominium on the island. What a great opportunity to combine a little...

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The Trends & Misses of the 2017 Parade of Homes

The 2017 Parade of Homes will be open for another week. If you haven't visited, take a few hours and head up I-71 to Cheshire Woods to soak in the latest home construction and interior design trends. Here's what it looked like last year! Parade Overview The Parade of...

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Events in and around Dublin

A Tiny House to Help Tiny Tots

In the past few years Tiny Houses have become more popular with home buyers. This is partially due to the popularity of TV shows like Tiny House Builders, Tiny House Hunters, and Tiny House, Big Living (all on HGTV). ​Another reason for this trend is the lack of...

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How to Get Your Property Taxes Lowered

Quickly rising home values result in higher property taxes. If you own real estate anywhere in Central Ohio you probably received a letter from your County Auditor stating that your property taxes have increased. Many homeowners saw their tax bill go up by more than...

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