You probably heard about iBuyers – instant buyers. They are a new breed of cash buyers – funded by Wall Street – who use online technology to buy your house without you listing it with an agent.

iBuyers promise instant cash offers for your house. They buy your property as-is, so you won’t have to worry about repairs and keeping the house clean for showings.

Sounds too good to be true?

Beware, there are costs involved which the seller has to pay.

How iBuying Works

The process is simple: you start by submitting your address on a website.

The iBuyer responds with an initial offer. The price is computed by an algorithm. Sometimes it comes close to the market value of your property, but most of the time it is lower.

If you accept the offer the iBuyer will inspect your house. They calculate the cost of repairs and deduct it from the initial offer price.

In addition, they charge service fees of 5% of more, similar to the sales commission you would pay your Realtor in a traditional retail sale.

iBuyers only buy average priced homes in areas of high demand. There is no guarantee that your house will qualify.

The Convenience of Selling to an iBuyer

The main advantage of using an iBuyer is convenience.

You can sell your house as-is, without listing it on the MLS, without showings or open houses. They will even allow you to close at a date of your choice.

This convenience comes at a price.

The Hidden Cost of iBuyer Offers

iBuyers flip houses, just like the traditional “Cash for Your House” investors. They have to offer less than a retail buyer in order to make money on the flip.

iBuyers incur rehab costs, holding costs, closing costs, and selling costs. They will deduct these costs from their initial offer, which will lower the final sales price substantially.

How You Benefit by Listing with an Agent

When an iBuyer makes an offer on your house there is no competition. Your property will not be exposed to a large group of motivated buyers who may compete for your house and offer a higher price.

Without competition you will net less than if we list your home on the MLS.

Call me first before you submit your address to an iBuyer, even if your house needs work and you absolutely hate showings.

I will give you the accurate market value of your home and explain your options to sell as-is or make improvements.

When you list with me, I will actively market your property to attract many qualified buyers for your home.

And if you don’t want showings or open houses, I can ask my network of investors to make a cash offer.

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