It happens all the time in this low inventory market. I schedule a showing for my buyers as soon as a new listing hits the MLS, and an hour later the listing agent calls and cancels.

“We accepted an offer. The homeowner was too overwhelmed from the rush of showings. They took the first offer just to get it over with.”

Yesterday I got this message from a listing agent: “We already received an offer. It’s not great, but the sellers have 2 high anxiety cats, and they want to make a decision now.”

You can’t make this up! The house was listed the same day!

Selling your home can be very stressful. We all know it.

It’s the job of your Realtor to manage the sale for top dollar and best terms, and keep emotions at bay.

An experienced agent can guide you through the confusing, messy process of selling your house without the overwhelm.

Here’s how I coach my sellers before we launch a listing:

​Take Off for the Weekend Stress-Free

With inventory at record lows there’s a good chance we’ll get a lot of showings as soon as we launch the listing on the MLS.

It’s best for you to move out for a few days. Take a mini vacation, visit friends or family, and let me take care of promoting your home.

Be Patient

We may not get an offer right away. We may not even have a lot of showings.

It only takes one motivated buyer who loves your house to close the sale.

I will implement my marketing campaign to create maximum exposure for your listing. Every qualified buyer who’s looking in your price range and neighborhood will see that your home is listed for sale – guaranteed.

Trust the Process

Experience matters when you list your home. My system has achieved excellent results for many sellers. It will work for your listing as well.

Let me handle the showings, collect contracts, and follow up with buyers’ agents.

If we are fortunate enough to get multiple offers, I will negotiate on your behalf to make them even better. Then I present them to you in an easy-to-understand spreadsheet.

This gives you an objective view of what buyers offer for your house. You will be able to select the best offer not by emotion but based on its quality.

Sell Without the Overwhelm

Selling your house can be overwhelming. That’s why 90% of homeowners who first try to sell without an agent hire a Realtor once they realize how stressful this process is.

I can help you sell your home for top dollar, and when we sit at the closing table, you will say “that was easy”.

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