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Seller Tips


Why You Should Not Wait Till Spring to List Your Home

Have you been thinking about selling this year? You may be wondering if you should wait till spring or list right now. Traditionally, most buyers start house hunting in March or April, however, the Covid pandemic changed everything. Buyers are already out in full...

The Top 5 Things Buyers Hate About Your House

The Columbus housing market is very competitive. Inventory levels are at record lows, and many homes sell in just a few days above list price. So, why do some listings not sell right away? Small Maintenance Issues Turn Off Buyers Today's buyers want a move-in ready...

Should You File a Complaint to Lower Your Property Taxes?

Every six years the Franklin County Auditor conducts a full appraisal of all properties in the county. They make additional adjustments to the valuation every 3 years. 2020 is one of these years. If you are living in Franklin County you probably received a colorful...

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