The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is not a prime season for selling your home. Most people are too busy with Turkey Day celebrations, Black Friday shopping, and attending Holiday Parties.

And, they probably hate to move when it’s cold and snowing.

That’s why most homeowners sell in spring or summer, when listings are in hot demand.

The Downside of Moving in Spring

The downside of selling in spring is that you may have a hard time finding a new home.

During the busiest buying season of the year you will likely compete against other buyers who are ready to pay more for the house you fell in love with. There’s a good chance you overpay or get outbid by someone else.

Why You Should List Your Home during the Holidays

The Holiday Season, between mid-November and the end of the year, offers many benefits for home sellers.

Here are 7 reasons why selling NOW is a good idea …

  1. ​People who look for a home in November and December are more serious. They look at fewer homes and are ready to buy. Most are relocation buyers moving to Central Ohio. They typically have just one or two weekends to find a house.
  2. There are fewer homes on the market, so there’s less competition and buyers have fewer choices.
  3. Your home is already decorated for the Holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations are warm and inviting, so buyers are more likely to make an offer.
  4. As the market is less competitive, buyers don’t rush into making a decision. There’s a much better chance that a purchase offer will actually close.
  5. You are in control. You can restrict showing hours based on your schedule.
  6. It’s Winter, so you don’t need to worry about landscaping. The yard may be covered with snow and holiday lights will attract visitors.
  7. You will probably get more money for your home in 2018, because interest rates are still low. They have been rising throughout the year and will likely go even higher in 2019. This means affordability goes down and buyers will have to settle for a smaller home or offer less.

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