I spent the last few days in Chicago. The “windy city” stayed true to its name. With fog blowing in from the lake and temperatures in their 50’s it was quite chilly.

RE/MAX had a 2-day event for office owners. We took this opportunity to hear from our RE/MAX CEO (Adam Contos – see picture) and other company leaders about the latest developments, new technologies, and how RE/MAX is helping our agents deliver an exceptional customer experience to their clients.

There are many different real estate companies around.

So, why should you hire a RE/MAX agent?

It really comes down to this …


RE/MAX agents are more experienced than agents from other companies. We close more transactions, and our agents are better trained.

The experience of your agent truly matters when it comes to negotiating the best price on a contract, resolving remedy issues, or simply bringing the transaction to a successful close.


RE/MAX agents sell more real estate in the world than any other agents.

Did you know that the typical RE/MAX agent closes 17 transactions a year? Agents at our office (RE/MAX 24/7) closed 33 transactions in 2017 each.

Compare this to the average Columbus Realtor who barely closes 7 sales a year.

Full Time Professionals

RE/MAX agents are all in. Real estate is their full-time business. They are entrepreneurs who dedicate their career to helping home buyers and sellers with all their real estate needs.

Our agents are fully dedicated to selling your home and helping you find a new one. They are available when you need them.


RE/MAX is the only company that consistently advertises. We produce new TV ads every year and run campaigns on both traditional TV channels and on streaming services. Here’s a sample …

You may have seen our billboards throughout town. And, if you listed with me, you saw ads on Facebook, Just Listed postcards, and digital ads on different online news sites.

When you list with us, more people will see your listing. You will get more showings and higher offers on your house.

Global Network

RE/MAX has offices in more than 100 countries. Your listing will get maximum exposure and be seen by more potential buyers around the world on our global website​.

Personal Commitment

Although RE/MAX offers so many benefits that will result in more money when you sell, at the end it comes down to the agent.

Here’s who we really are. Watch now …

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