In December, the real estate business slows down – at least a little bit. This offers some free time to catch up on training. I’ve been a real estate agent for more than 10 years and won multiple sales awards, but there’s so much more to learn and improve on. Technology is constantly changing, and we have to adapt our business practices every year. The most recent certification I received  was my PSA certification. Later I will elaborate on how this will help you down the road.

Our brokerage is learning-based. Every real estate agent should be as well. Never hire an agent who’s not committed to learning and “knows it all”. Here’s a new designation I’ve earned and how it will help you when you buy or sell:

My New Designation: PSA Certified

You may have noticed the letters behind my name on my business card. These are certifications, in-depth training in specific real estate disciplines.

Last week I earned the PSA Certification. It stands for Pricing Strategy Advisor.

During this class I learned new strategies to price homes more accurately. This will benefit you tremendously, when you buy or sell.

Are You Buying at the Right Price?

There’s a lot to consider when buying a house. Understanding how the price of the house you make an offer on is determined, will help you make a smarter investment.

The list price of a property often does not represent its real value. I will always run a comparative market analysis (CMA), so you know the true value of the home before you make an offer.

Working with a PSA adds valuable perspective to your transaction, while taking the guesswork out of pricing. You can be confident that the house you plan to buy has the most accurate price and you don’t pay too much.

Are You Listing at the Right Price?

When you are selling your house, you want to get the most for your investment. But determining the most accurate price for your house can be confusing.

That’s why you need a Realtor with a PSA Certification.

I will take the guesswork out of pricing. I can find the most accurate price for your property by strategically comparing recent home listings and sales.

You will know which properties sold during the past few months, a good indication of how much buyers are actually willing to pay. Next you will see which listings have expired. They were rejected by buyers due to price or property condition.

Finally, we’ll evaluate the homes currently listed for sale, so we know whom we are competing against, when we list your house. ​I will help you gain the confidence that your house is listed and sold at the most accurate price possible.

You are probably busy during this week before Christmas. However, if you want to look at the excellent deals you can find before the end of the year, I am never too busy to help you out. Call or text me at (614) 975-9650 before or after the Holidays!