Last Sunday I explained why you should not accept a contract on the first day your listing goes live. You will not get the best buyer, and you won’t get top dollar for your property.

Today I’ll show you why a good Realtor is worth more than the 3% listing fee.

First, let’s start with a true story of a seller who decided to go with a discount broker …

True Story – On the Market for 356 Days

More than a year ago I was invited to a listing presentation by a homeowner who wanted to sell his Muirfield Village house. As I usually do, I walked through the property and recommended improvements to make the house more attractive to buyers, I presented my marketing plan, and suggested an initial list price that would most likely generate offers within 30 days.

The home owner listened to what I had to say. Then he explained that he interviewed other agents who would list the property for a higher price and cut their commissions. As I declined to do either, someone else got the listing.

Three months later the homeowner fired the first Realtor, and hired an even cheaper discount broker. But this relationship did not last long. The home is finally in contract after 356 days on the market, listed by 4 different Realtors.

And the price reduced numerous times to the value I suggested a year ago.

You Get What You Pay For

In today’s “seller’s” market many owners make the mistake of listing their home without improvements and for more than its actual value. “Let’s check the market” is the logic behind this approach.

Unfortunately, it does not work, buyers and their agents are sophisticated. They check comparable sales. They understand the condition of your home. They will not even schedule a showing, if the house is overpriced and under improved.

How To Get Top Dollar On Your Home

The other mistake homeowners make is hiring a discount broker. It is tempting to argue that the listing agent makes a quick buck, if your house goes in contract in a few days. That’s why listing agents ought to lower their commissions.

Truth is, homes that sell within a few days and above list price are usually priced correctly and marketed well to obtain top dollar price. A discount broker can’t afford professional photos, walk-through and drone videos, or 3-D virtual models of the home. You may not think that’s necessary, but even in a hot seller’s market a quality presentation and dedicated marketing effort are necessary to sell your house.

Paying a full 3% listing commission is worth it.  You will likely net more from the sale due to a shorter sales cycle and higher purchase price than the discount you get from the other broker. This also gives you reassurance after you get top dollar for you home.

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