This is a true story that shows the benefits of hiring a real estate agent. HUD had just accepted the offer I submitted for one of my customers. When I called her and told her the good news, she got all excited and said: “I just hit the HUD Jackpot!”

I am really glad that she is happy now. The HUD home she just won was not even on her list of homes to see. It was one of my recommendations. I suggested that she take a look at this Columbus home for sale, because it was a brand new listing that just came up as we were house hunting in the area

Not only was the house very nice and in excellent condition, but HUD accepted a discount of 12% right off the gate.

HUD Jackpot

I know that HUD has accepted much deeper discounts this year. But that’s usually not happening with a new listing that hit the market just 10 days ago.

My customer still has a rough road ahead of her. She will have to go through the frustrations of getting utilities turned on, scheduling a home inspection and appraisal, having her loan approved and getting the deal closed. I am confident she will pull it through.

As a real estate agent specializing on HUD homes I am very familiar with the process. So, I prepared her for all that might go wrong and how to deal with it.

Buyers Prefer to Work with Real Estate Agents

My customer knew from the beginning that it is smart to work with an experienced Columbus real estate agent. An agent that closed many HUD transactions. An agent that has a professional team of HUD approved lenders, home inspectors and contractors at her disposal to address any unforeseen issues that may derail the closing of the transaction.

You may be surprised to hear that most home buyers and sellers prefer to hire a real estate agent instead of trying to sell their house themselves.

Home Sellers Regret Going It Alone

The article “Home Sellers Regret Going It Alone” shows that your success rate of selling your home is 50% higher, if you go with a real estate agent vs. selling it yourself.  59% of all homes listed with a realtor sold, but only 39% of the for-sale-by-owners were successful.

A study by HomeGain found that almost a quarter of all for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) eventually hired a real estate agent to sell their house.  And 30% of FSBOs who successfully sold their home said that they would hire a realtor next time around.

If you want to hit the “HUD jackpot” in 2012 or get the home of your dreams at a great price, please call me and let my team work for you to successfully close your purchase.

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