A Columbus real estate agent you can trustWhen it comes to pricing a property, you should trust your Columbus Real Estate Agent. At least, if your agent is a full time realtor and did more than 20 transactions over the past 12 months.

I am saying this for two reasons.

Every now and then I am representing buyers that just don’t want to listen to me when it comes to making an offer. Obviously, I can’t tell my customers how much to bid, but I can give them my opinion on what’s reasonable. You see, not all Columbus OH homes for sale are listed too high. There are homes for sale that are actually listed at a very competitive price or even below market.

Even in today’s buyers market, a house that is priced correctly will sell for what it’s worth. If you find a home for sale that is priced below market value and in excellent condition, you won’t be the only bidder. Others will find it, who are just as eager as you to buy it.

If you really want a specific house, don’t low-ball! Most of the time you will lose out and someone else will get it.

That’s what happened to one of my clients 2 times in a row. They submitted low ball offers on 2 homes that were priced competitively. Every time another buyer came in and snapped it away.

The same goes for listing your home.

Most people believe that their home is worth more than it really is in the current market. Or they hope for a miracle buyer that falls in love with it and pays whatever they ask for. Unfortunately, that rarely happens.

If you ask me to list your home, I will give you my opinion on a competitive list price based on recent sales and market conditions.  I will tell you how soon your house may sell, if you list it for that price. You may decide to list it for more, but it will probably sit on the market without showings and without any offers.

Here’s a real life example …

Six months ago I was asked by a lady to list her house. I gave her my opinion on current market value and told her that the house would probably sell in less than 60 days, if we list it for that price.

“I will never sell this house for such a low price”, is exactly what she said.

I did not get the listing, but observed what happened next. Another Columbus real estate agent listed the house for $20K above my recommended price. The house was sitting for more than 4 months without any offers and probably only a few showings. Finally, that house sold for exactly the price I recommended.

In the meantime the seller had to make 4 more mortgage payments. Would she have listed it for the correct price right away, she could have saved the extra payments and – most likely – would have received multiple offers.

The key to selling your house is finding as many interested buyers as possible.

So, you list your house a little lower to generate a lot of traffic. Then you try to get multiple offers and spark competition. The buyers will feel the pressure and you will often get a higher offer than you asked for.

This has worked very well for HUD homes and REOs. It also will work for your house.

If you want to list your house for sale, I would love to help you!

Call me for a market analysis to learn at what price you can sell it quickly.

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Posted by: Susanne Novak, ABR, FIS, GRI
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