Did you ever hear of the Disappearing Agent? A real estate agent that takes a listing, puts it on the MLS and then disappears?

We hear these stories all the time. There are agents out there that list homes, but do not provide any service once the house for sale is on the market.

They don’t return buyers calls.
They don’t talk to other agents.
And they even avoid the home owner who hired them to sell their house.

Watch this funny video to see where disappearing agents hide.

RE/MAX 24/7 real estate agents will not disappear. We always keep an open line to our customers, who entrust us with the listing of their homes.

My Rules of Communication

The most important part of any business relationship is to establish a direct line of communication. If we do business together, we need to be able to communicate in an honest manner. My Realtor associates follow the same rule.

As a customer you will always get my cell phone number, so you can reach me almost anytime, day and night and weekends. Yes, I pick up the phone after 5 pm and on weekends. I even talk to customers working second shift after 11 pm at night.

If you can’t reach me right away and leave a message, I will return your call within a few hours. Most of the time I can get back to you within a few minutes.

There is No Magic!

A smooth talking real estate agent may sell you on the magic of online marketing. They tell you about syndicating your listing to thousands of websites all over the Internet and the “magic” social media tricks they use to attract clients out of nowhere who will fight to buy your house.

Don’t be fooled. In this day and age, every agents should be able to offer Internet promotion. The web is crowded with competing real estate websites to promote your home for sale. Many are free and anyone can use them.

Prospective buyers will respond to your agent’s ad. The question is, what will your agent do with these leads?

If your real estate agent does not pick up the phone when a buyer calls or immediately returns a call, if they leave a message, all of the online advertising in the world won’t sell your home.  It is that simple.

Don’t Hire a Disappearing Agent!

Work with a professional who has your best interest in mind, who picks up the phone and returns calls.

I have a great reputation of communicating well with buyers and sellers! Just ask one of my previous customers.

Call me at (614) 975-9650, and let me show you my marketing plan!