You have heard it in the news – the Dublin Ohio real estate market is CRAZY! There are a bunch of quality homes for sale in the area, and with quality effective marketing you can sell your house fast and for top dollar!

Many suburban homes in highly regarded school districts are going in contract within days. Typically, condos are much harder to sell. However, in today’s sellers’ market even condos are moving at a rapid pace.

As a Seller you may be tempted to think that any Realtor® can sell your home. You may believe that experience, marketing and negotiating skills are no longer important in 2013.

Don’t fall into this trap! An experienced real estate agent is critical to negotiating the highest offer and getting you the most money for your property.

If you are a Buyer it is more important than ever to work with a professional agent. A quality Realtor® will help you find a great house in any market. The agent will also help you navigate the common scenario of multiple offers and help you seal the deal.

Disregard this advice at your own peril. You may end up disappointed and empty handed.

Back to the Condo I Wanted to Tell You About …

The owner contacted me the end of March in response to a postcard I sent to him. He had the condo listed before, four times to be exact. But it never sold.

He asked, if I could sell the condo for him, because he really needed to move his family. We talked for a good hour and discussed some minor updates I suggested. He reviewed my marketing plan, and I proposed a list price. At the end of our meeting the seller said he felt confident that I could get the job done for him and signed the listing agreement.

Now it was up to me!

Simple Updates Have a Big Impact

The owner agreed that the condo looked a bit dated. I recommended a few improvements that would have the most impact on the value of the home.

He changed out all the brass hardware and replaced it with brushed nickel hinges and knobs. He also installed new carpets and painted the living room walls in a warm beige tone instead of the sterile white it used to be.

This made a huge difference for a relatively minor investment!

I told my seller that he would not be able to recoup the cost of installing granite counters in the kitchen or buying new stainless steel appliances. So, he did not update the kitchen any further.

However, we made sure that the condo was meticulously clean and smelled fresh, before we put it on the market.

Quality Listings Attract More Buyers

Some agents do not take full advantage of the tools they have at their fingertips. I pulled an earlier listing of the property to compare it to mine. I made sure that the new listing clearly separated this condo from others listed in this area.

Click on the pictures below to see both listing sheets. The left one links to the old listing, the right picture links to the new one.

Original condo listing on Turvey Dr in Dublin Ohio          New condo listing at 6179 Turvey Loop in Dublin Ohio

Please take a closer look at all of the pictures and the description of each listing.

Can you see how my new listing highlights the features of the condo?

I also included links to a virtual tour, community information, more pictures and a detailed description with each photo. In addition, I set up a property website, print flyers, mail “just listed” postcards to everyone in the neighborhood and announce the new listing to my extensive buyers list.

Did all of our efforts make a difference?


We had three showings the first day and an offer the next day. We are in contract now and my seller is thrilled!