I just came back from a week-long vacation in the mountains around Salt Lake City. While Utah has not suffered from wildfires like California, the Salt Lake Valley is known for its low air quality.

Luckily, the air we breathe in Columbus has been relatively clean and we did not experience any significant weather events this year.

Many other American cities are not that lucky.

Make Sure To Check The Air Quality

If you consider moving to another city or state you are probably concerned about the air quality, pollen counts, and other risk factors that impact your property and your health.

Here are two free tools you should consult before you buy a new home …


This service tracks Air Pollution and Pollen anywhere in the world. Type in your address or city, and you will find a colorful map that shows the current air quality and pollen affecting your allergies. It also pinpoints major wildfires.

Click here to check it out.

As of this morning the air quality is rated as “moderate” in Columbus, but Weed Pollen is very high (picture below).


With ClimateCheck you can see how climate risk will impact your home. They track the likelihood of storms, heat, drought, fire, and flooding. Their ratings are based on historical and projected data through 2050.

Check it out here!

Below you can see the numbers for Dublin as of Sunday.

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