At the Parade of Homes local builders display the latest and greatest in new home design. 16 participated, a clear sign of a hot and booming new construction housing market.

The 2016 BIA Parade of Homes was located in the Verona subdivision in Powell, OH, just North of the Columbus Zoo.

As I strolled through the 16 new homes, I noticed 3 trends that are visible in most of them. And then there are a few crazy/unique features I want to point out.

The 3 Latest Design Trends at the Parade of Homes

1. Barn Doors

Some of the parade homes were designed in a very rustic style, some incorporated barn like features on the outside. All of them use Barn Doors somewhere in the house. Barn doors are sliding doors that hang on a visible rail with large wheels.

You can see them everywhere: in kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, on porches, in showers, in a basement gym and even on cabinets.

Barn doors on a cabinet

2. Covered Patios

These are large outdoor living areas covered by a roof, but without screens. They typically come with a fire place, comfortable outdoor sofas, a ceiling fan, and a TV.

Covered patio - lanai - roofed veranda

3. An Abundance of Dining Areas

Open kitchens have been around for a few years. What’s new is that many homes feature multiple dining areas:

  • a bar counter at the kitchen island
  • a dining room sized breakfast area in the center of the home
  • a separate formal dining room
  • an outside eating area in the patio, and
  • the pub or bar in the basement entertainment room.

What Do You Think of these Features?

The Glass Floor

One home boasts a glass floor in the main entryway, so visitors can view the custom-designed wine cellar below. I am not sure how ladies will feel when they walk into the house with wine drinkers watching from below?

Glass floor with view of wine cellar

The Hanging Night Stand

Many designers are using natural materials and reclaimed wood. Unfortunately, some resort to cheap, plastic replacements. These artificial wood panels hanging from the ceiling are not functional. They scratch the paint on the wall and don’t provide a stable surface.

Hanging night stand

Parade of Home Disappointments

There’s really no new technology in these houses. You will find lots of flat screen TVs and high end kitchen appliances, but I did not see any smart home technology on display.

I also wonder why not a single builder installed solar panels or other GREEN technologies that reduce energy costs and improve sustainability.

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