We have a Ring doorbell camera on our house to see who’s knocking, even if we are not at home. It makes us feel safer. Probably, it deters bad guys from stealing packages or breaking into our home.

​Many parents use cameras inside their house, so-called nanny cams, to watch their kids or the babysitter when they are gone.

Did you know that nanny cams can get you in serious legal trouble when you sell your home?

The Challenge with Surveillance Cameras When You List

According to Ohio Law you can video record people in public places, even in your house, if they would reasonably expect to be on camera.

However, you can only record an audio conversation if at least one person in the conversation gives you permission. (Ohio Revised Code 2933.52)

A violation of this statute is a 4th degree felony.

Do You Need to Turn Off Your Nanny Cam?

When you list your home with me, we will discuss the use of video surveillance equipment during showings and open houses.

You could simply turn it off. This may be inconvenient if the cameras are used in combination with your security system.

The best option is to disclose the use of video cameras. I will include this disclosure with your listing in the MLS. You should also put a note on the front door telling visitors that they may be recorded during a showing or an open house.

You can’t record the audio without written consent of the buyer or agent visiting your home.

My Advice for Buyers

Always assume that you may be recorded when you look at a listing.

I will certainly let you know if the seller disclosed any surveillance equipment on the MLS before we visit a listing. If they request written consent for audio recordings you will need to sign it before we view the house.

Not all listings disclose nanny cams or the use of Alexa devices. The seller may eavesdrop on you. So, we will NOT discuss a possible offer while we are inside the house.

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