Just noticed that almost half of my listings are 4 bedroom homes. These homes are very desirable for larger families with children. In a 4 bedroom house each of your kids can possibly have their own room. Or, you may want to reserve a room for guests or grand parents visiting for the holidays.

Take a look at the Five Columbus OH homes for sale I compare in this article.

You may be surprised about the difference in asking price, despite the fact that they are listed as insured or insured with escrow. Each home has 4 bedrooms. And each is larger than 1,600 sqft (going up to 2,600 sqft on the high end.)

These are HUD homes listed below market value. Their asking prices per sqft vary from $21 to $90. This significant difference proves that real estate is very local, even in Central Ohio. You can get a lot more “house” for your money in Columbus or Groveport than in any of the suburbs.
The featured homes for sale are ranked by asking price, beginning with the most expensive one. Click on the pictures to see details of each listing and to get to the property websites.

Hilliard Listed: $175,000  1,952 sqft  $90/sqft

5243 Chaps Court, Columbus, OH

Reynoldsburg Listed: $165,000  2,661 sqft  $62/sqft

7918 Slate Ridge Blvd, Reynoldsburg, OH

Pickerington Listed: $150,000  2,102 sqft  $71/sqft

682 Blossom Lane, Pickerington, OH

Columbus Listed: $58,000  2,008 sqft  $29/sqft

2681 Edencreek Lane, Columbus, OH

Groveport Listed: $35,000 1,675 sqft  $21/sqft

3545 Demington Rd, Columbus, OH

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