At the beginning of 2010 many people were wondering, if the first time home buyer tax credit will improve the sale of Columbus houses.

As we know by now, it had a tremendous effect on sales. The Columbus Board of Realtors reports that 45% more Columbus OH homes for sale went in contract in April 2010 than a year ago.

The home buyer tax credit certainly motivated people to take action. However, if you don’t follow the 3 simple rules I lay out in this article, it will be very hard to sell your house in any market – with or without the tax credit.

There are still many Columbus OH Homes for Sale waiting for buyers. Let me show you, how it is still possible to sell your home quickly in any market.

Here’s a house I listed in March. It’s a nice 3 bedroom residence on a large lot in suburban Pickerington OH. Watch the video to see how this home was presented to potential buyers.

Most Columbus real estate agents would have been eager to list a house like this. But could they have sold it quickly?

Here are the 3 main reasons why I was able to turn it around in 30 days

and save the seller months of extra mortgage, insurance and utility bills:

  1. The house must show well All Columbus real estate agents and their clients gave us a very positive feedback after visiting this house. Why? Because I gave the seller a list of improvements which the seller implemented before we put it on the market. My recommendations included painting parts of the house, decluttering rooms, and simply rearranging furniture. The seller lived in this house till closing, so it was not necessary to stage the home.
  2. You must implement a great marketing campaign The fact that the house you try to sell is super nice, does not mean that buyers and their real estate agents can find it.  It takes more than a pretty home, it takes serious marketing. Beside the mandatory sign in the yard and a literature box, we uploaded beautiful pictures on the  MLS, created a property website, a video walk through, and employed various online marketing methods. The effort paid off. I had 1 to 2 showings every single day.
  3. Finally, the price and terms must be reasonable In today’s competitive market the home you wish to sell can’t be overpriced. You certainly want to get the most money when you sell your asset, however, it’s sometimes smarter to reduce the price right from the start and sell quicker. You need to get traffic (i.e. showings) to your house. If nobody looks at the house, nobody will write an offer. When we received an offer in less than 30 days that was below asking price, I explained to my seller why he is better off accepting the offer and stop mortgage and utility costs vs. holding out for a better and much higher offer.

A good Columbus real estate agent should be able to give you directions on how to prepare your home for sale and how to price it to sell quickly.

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Posted by: Susanne Novak, ABR, FIS, GRI
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