Have you been thinking about selling this year?

You may be wondering if you should wait till spring or list right now.

Traditionally, most buyers start house hunting in March or April, however, the Covid pandemic changed everything. Buyers are already out in full force.

Here are 3 reasons why you should not delay:

1. Record Low Inventories

The inventory of homes for sale hit rock bottom in the past couple of weeks. Less than 2,000 homes are listed for sale on the Columbus MLS. There’s very little competition when you list now.

2. Lowest Interest Rates Ever

Mortgage interest rates have never been lower. This means buyers can afford larger, more expensive homes. This is a great opportunity to get top dollar when you list now.

3. More Buyer Demand

There is a huge pent-up demand due to the pandemic and fueled by low interest rates. Many buyers missed out last year and decided to start early in 2021.

The Best Housing Market to Move Up

Today’s housing market is perfect for move-up buyers. There’s a very high demand for starter homes selling below $400,000.

If you own one of these homes you can expect top dollar and multiple offers within a few days of listing the property. The average sales price has increased 15.3% in November (compared to the same month last year).

There’s a wide selection of upscale homes for sale. With low interest rates you can afford a larger, more expensive home than a year ago.

Take action TODAY if you were thinking of moving up!

Are you planning to sell and move up this year?
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