Back in Austria my Mom used to bake at least 15 kinds of Christmas cookies. I’ve been following this tradition since we moved to Ohio 30 years ago.

While I’ve been baking various types of Lebkuchen (gingerbreads) yesterday afternoon, I also managed to negotiate 2 purchase contracts. There’s never a dull moment as a Realtor!

How will the Housing Market Adjust Next Year?

According to the National Association of Realtors 77% of homes will sell below list price in 2019. That’s bad news if you are planning to sell next year.

Remember this spring, when most homes got multiple offers within days and many sold for more than list price?

Over the past 3 months we saw a significant slow-down in buyer activity. The October housing report confirmed that sellers had to accept larger discounts to get their listings sold.

How can you improve your chances of getting top dollar when you sell?

You need to understand what’s in your control and what I can do as your listing agent.

Selling Your House is a “Partnership”

When you hire me to list your home we become “partners” to successfully sell your house. We both get paid ONLY if your home sells.

What’s in Your Control?

Condition – Here we are talking about upgrades to your house, the age of the roof, furnace and water tank, the color of walls and floor coverings, as well as the cleanliness of the house when buyers schedule showings.

Price – You set the list price. I will supply you with information on recent sales and current listings, and what buyers are looking for, but you – the seller – determines the list price.

Location-  The location of your home is really not in anyone’s control. Neither you nor I can change it. For the buyer, the location of your house (subdivision, school district) and its surroundings (corner lot, powerlines, railroad tracks) will play a major role when they decide whether to write an offer and for how much.

​What I Will Do to Facilitate the Sale

Insight- I will give you insights on home values, market conditions, and buyer needs. This is information you won’t find on the Internet. It’s experience I gained working with hundreds of local buyers and sellers and staying up-to-day on what’s happening in our market.

Marketing – I will promote your property to the most prospective buyers and real estate agents possible. And, I will present your home in the best light. This includes professional photography, videos, 3D virtual models, postcards, online advertising and constant communication with other Realtors.

Negotiation –  I always follow up with other agents who showed your home and help them motivate their buyers to write an offer. Of course, I will help you write counter offers to get the best price and terms possible. I will also negotiate remedies and repairs the buyer may request after an inspection and recommend when to pull the plug if a buyer is unreasonable.

When it comes to selling your house, there are things we can’t control. I will always focus on the items we have control over to get the best results for YOU when you list with me.

If you are planning on listing your home call or text me at (614) 975-9650 and let’s work together to get it sold!