Over the past few months I personally experienced how time consuming and expensive it is to upgrade your home. ​If you want to sell for top dollar some remodeling will be unavoidable. You have to bite the bullet and do the work or hire a contractor.

Selling your house “as-is” just doesn’t cut it – not even in today’s seller’s market (which is already slowing down.) And if you want to sell above $350,000 your home must be in top condition. Otherwise, you will have to accept a major discount off the list price.

Today’s buyers are merciless. They expect to buy a house that’s not just move-in ready, but that has been totally upgraded and passes all major home inspections.

Simple Improvements Mandatory in Today’s Market

If you want to sell your home to a retail buyer – someone who will move in and live in the house – the following 3 upgrades are mandatory:

  1. Replacing Carpets – Your carpets must be new, smell new, and look new. Stained, smelly carpets are a major turn-off and the first thing buyers notice when they enter your house.
  2. Fresh Paint – Fresh paint has a major impact on the overall condition of your house. Buyers feel that your house has been upgraded beyond the paint. Most buyers will repaint after they move in, however, they still want a freshly painted home before they make an offer.
  3. Modern Light Fixtures & Hardware – This is a very simple upgrade and has a major impact on how buyers perceive your home. Get rid of old brass chandeliers and builder grade light fixtures. Brushed nickel or bronze doorknobs and kitchen hardware plus modern light fixtures will transform your house and yield a major return on your investment.

Which Upgrades will Yield the Highest Returns?

According to a survey by HGTV the following 4 home renovations will net you the most return on your investment.

Should You Renovate Your Home?

If you are considering listing your home in the next 12 months call me right away. I can help you determine, which remodeling projects will make your home attractive to buyers.

I’m offer a free, room-by-room analysis of your home. This means I will suggest upgrades that will likely generate top dollar when you sell! I can also recommend contractors who can do the work for you.

Call or text me at (614) 975-9650 at least 2 or 3 months before you plan to sell and claim your complimentary room-by-room analysis.