As the housing market is booming, I’ve noticed a troubling trend: some real estate agents do not deliver the customer experience you deserve. They are cutting corners, don’t protect their clients, and simply get lazy.

This concerns me as it puts a bad light on my profession.

It should concern you, because you don’t get what you are paying for!

Qualified professional advice and instant communication are critical in today’s fast paced market. Homes sell in hours, and you have only minutes to decide whether to write an offer or pass on a listing.

You need an agent who’s on task 24/7!

Here’s where some Realtors cut corners …

Listing Agents

Limited Marketing of your Listing:
  • Short property descriptions
  • No 3D Virtual Tours
  • No professional photography
  • No documentation of improvements
  • No advice on how buyers can submit a winning offer
  • Limiting days and times for showings
Negotiation & Advice:
  • No communication with showing agents who represent buyers
  • Accepting curb offers
  • Accepting the first offer and cutting off showings
  • No side-by-side comparison of submitted offers
  • No negotiation to get the best and highest offer

Buyers Agents

  • Being a “door opener”
  • Letting clients (and their kids) roam freely in the house
  • Not pointing out defects that are not obvious for the typical buyers
  • No buyers’ packets with comps for every listing you visit
  • No preliminary research on the neighborhood and zoning rules

You Deserve an Exceptional Buying and Selling Experience

If you are considering hiring a Realtor based on family relationship or because they are discounting their commission, you are at risk of losing real money.

Do not cut yourself short when it comes to one of the largest financial transactions of your lifetime! You deserve a full-time professional agent, with local expertise.

​Buying or selling a home is a very emotional experience. The last thing you need is worrying about your Realtor, and whether they will represent you well.

I promise to make your home purchase and sale a profitable and pleasant experience without the typical headaches and hassles. Click here to read how former clients feel about my service.

Call me at (614) 975-9650 and find out how I will always go above and beyond what’s “expected”.

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