The Columbus housing market is very competitive. Inventory levels are at record lows, and many homes sell in just a few days above list price.

So, why do some listings not sell right away?

Small Maintenance Issues Turn Off Buyers

Today’s buyers want a move-in ready home that has been updated. They won’t write an offer if they discover even minor imperfections in your house.

Kiplinger’s published a list of 26 things buyers hate about your home.

I agree with most of them. Here are my top 5:

1. Owners Not Leaving for Showings

There’s nothing worse than owners staying in the house and spying on a potential buyer during a showing (#12 on Kiplinger’s list).

2. Cleanliness and Clutter

Stained carpets, dusty closets, or counter tops full of personal items are a big turn-off for any buyer visiting your home. (#1)

​3. Bad Smell

The smell of a house is the first thing buyers notice when they open the door. If your home smells like pet urine, cigarette smoke, or mold buyers may turn around before they even see the interior. (#9)

4. Dogs Barking

Some owners leave their pets in the house while they are gone. There’s nothing more annoying than dogs barking relentlessly during a showing. (#11)

​5. Poor Lighting

Buyers are looking for bright, open rooms and appreciate bright lights to see everything in your home. Poor lighting and dark rooms are a big turn off (#10).

The Best Way to Avoid these Turn-Offs …

Hire me as your listing agent! I will make sure we present your home in the best light possible and avoid any of these buyer turn-offs.

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