Selling your home is a very emotional experience. You are not just selling a piece of real estate. You are selling your memories.

​Not surprisingly homeowners are easily irritated with picky buyers and seemingly unreasonable requests by their agents.

Because the sale is such a complicated process, things can go wrong, and unexpected things will happen.

So, it’s best to be prepared …

​To help you get ready for this emotional journey I put together a list of things that will most likely happen – just so you know what to expect.

This Will Most Likely Happen …

                                     … When You Put Your Home on the Market.

► Agents will miss showing appointments and not call or show up or cancel at the last minute. They may be calling 3 minutes before your showings and cancel, sometimes it may be 20 minutes after.

► Some showings will last about five minutes and some showings will last 1 hour.

► Agents are going to make appointments at the very LAST minute. There will be a day when I call you and say someone wants to see your house, and you are going to ask me when. And I will say: “pull back the curtains, they are sitting outside now”!

► Buyers may even knock on your door or drive by, see you in the yard and ask if they can see your house (if this happens, call me immediately).

► Expect low-ball offers. Don’t get upset, at least it’s a starting point.

​► The buyer will negotiate 2 – 5 times on this transaction. They will negotiate the purchase price, the inspection, potentially the appraisal, the final walk-thru.

► The home inspection may uncover issues with your property you didn’t even know about, and you will have to spend money fixing it. Radon is a common problem in Central Ohio.

► The property might not appraise at what the buyer is offering.

► The closing date on the contract will most likely change, it is a best guess and subject to many variables.

► The buyer may get cold feet (also called buyer’s remorse) and terminate the contract for no valid reason.

If that’s too much excitement for you … ​Call or text me TODAY at (614) 975-9650! Let me manage the sale of your home!