Today, I would like to address a question many sellers ask. They wonder which items and fixtures have to stay with the house when they sell and which ones they can take.

It is important to spell out exactly what is included in the purchase. Not being 100% clear in the contract may lead to misunderstandings and even nasty disputes after the closing.

Fixtures & Equipment Specified in our Purchase Contract

Here are the items included in a home purchase per our standard contract. You have the option to add or exclude specific items.

Which Fixtures Have to Stay with the House?

In general, anything that’s installed and would require a tool to remove needs to stay with the house. Here are a few examples …

Your Ring doorbell and smart thermostat need to stay with the house.

Kitchen Appliances (including the fridge) are typically part of the purchase. You cannot switch your fancy fridge with a cheap one once your house is listed for sale. Buyers expect to purchase what they see during the showings.

Your Washer and Dryer are not part of the purchase. You can move them.

Light fixtures stay as advertised. Don’t replace your historic dining room chandelier with a cheap builder’s edition light.

Curtains and drapes can go, but the rods and blinds need to stay.

The Underground Dog Fence needs to stay, including the transmitter.

All Plants and Landscaping in your yard need to stay, garden sheds too.

Your kids’ swing set and trampoline are yours to keep.

Items You Cannot Leave without Buyer Approval

There may be some items you would rather get rid of, because they are expensive to move or you do not have room in your new place. The pool table in the basement or an old piano in the living room are perfect examples.

Unfortunately, you can’t just leave them for the buyer without their approval.

Selling Personal Items to the Buyer

The buyer may be interested in some of your personal items or a piece of furniture.

You can sell these items to the buyer. However, you should write a separate purchase agreement for personal goods.

Banks base their financing on the value of the real estate and land. They don’t want personal items included in the real estate purchase contract.

How I Help You Avoid Disputes

When we plan the sale of your home, I will ask you which items you want to include or exclude from the purchase. If you want to replace a fixture you can do it before we list the property.

On the MLS I will spell out exactly what stays and what you plan to take to avoid any misunderstanding with the buyer and their agent.

If you have any thoughts of buying or selling DO NOT DELAY! Call or text me TODAY at (614) 975-9650.