Halloween is just a few days away. Time to focus on haunted houses and what 3 RE/MAX agents did to get one sold.

Is Your House Haunted?

  • Do you sometimes feel you are not alone in your home?
  • Do you hear unexplained whispers at night?
  • Is your pet whining at midnight and staring at a corner? ​

Scary stuff …

Do you believe your house may be haunted?

​Click on the picture for 6 chilling ways to find out.

Did Someone Die in Your House?

Would it bother you if someone suffered a violent death in the house you are going to buy? In Ohio sellers don’t need to disclose a murder or a suicide that happened in their property.

If you are afraid that the house you want to buy may be haunted because someone died in it, go to DiedInHouse and search for the address.

Watch the video for details …

RE/MAX Agents Going Above & Beyond

You have to expect difficult situations and difficult properties are in real estate. How we handle these issues, however, sets RE/MAX agents apart from other Realtors. It’s what makes RE/MAX agents truly one-of-a-kind.

Here’s a group of 3 RE/MAX agents hired to list a dilapidated house with a history of hauntings. To find out for sure they decide to spend a night at the house.

Click below to watch how they fared …

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I wish you a Happy Halloween!