You don’t have to completely remodel your home to sell it for top dollar. For the best return on investment focus on upgrades that have the most impact!

​You want to remove all the “small imperfections” that will keep a potential buyer from making an offer. I am talking about the bright yellow paint in the kitchen, the spider webs in the laundry room, or the green mildew on the siding that has been neglected for a few years.

Here are 3 tips on how you can make your listing stand out without breaking the bank.

1. Hardware & Lighting

Kitchen hardware, door handles and light fixtures can be easily switched out. Nothing dates a house more than an old brass chandelier.

Head over to Lowes or Home Depot and pick modern light fixtures for your kitchen, dining room, hallways and bathrooms.

Then replace your brass door handles and kitchen cabinet pulls with brushed nickel hardware.

Your whole house will look fresh and amazing.

2. Select High Impact Updates

If you don’t have the time or money to update everything, just focus on the items that attract a potential buyer’s attention.

In older homes there may only be a few rooms that make your home look dated. Addressing only these rooms will save you a lot of money and help keep the buyer’s focus on the rest of the house.

Instead of painting the whole house, just paint the dark red dining room and the purple bed room with the hand drawn princess and dragon on the wall.

You may only need to replace the emerald green carpet in the office instead of tearing out flooring throughout the house.

3. Depersonalize & Clean

​It’s really important to remove all personal pictures and memorabilia from walls and counters. Furthermore, place only three objects on the mantle and use seasonal decorations sparingly.

The goal is to inspire the imagination of potential buyers and distract them from imperfections of the house you are selling.

Cleanliness is critical. That being said, even small stains catch the eye of the buyer. A cobweb in a corner, dead flies on the kitchen counters or a smelly garbage bin will make a buyer head out the door in a heartbeat.

Bonus Tip: Granite Counters

Most new apartments come with granite counters and stainless-steel appliances.Meaning, today’s buyers expect granite even in $200,000 homes.

Installing granite is not that expensive. You can get it done for as little as $30 per sqft, which comes to roughly $1,200 for your typical 40 sqft countertop. This may even include a free undermount sink.

If you are planning on moving in 2019, I suggest we meet before the end of the year, so I can give you specific tips on how to get your home ready to sell.

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