Miracle Homes, Helping Those In Need

Haven’t you always wanted to help people in need, especially children? Not all of us can have miracle homes, nor can we always be there for people in need. However, with every transaction I close I make sure to donate some of the proceeds to those who need it. When you hire me to help you buy or sell a home,YOU will help a sick child too!

How does it work?

All of my listings are Miracle Homes. This means I commit to donate part of my commissions to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Which Hospitals Benefit from Miracle Homes Listings?

Since we opened RE/MAX 24/7 in 2012, I have donated thousands of dollars to the Children’s Miracle Network. These donations directly benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital right here in Columbus.

Over the years RE/MAX agents and brokers have donated more than $130 million to the Children’s Miracle Network. Many of these donations come from agent commissions, others are collected during special events.

Watch this short video. It may bring tears to your eyes when you see the impact Miracle Homes have on sick children.

2011 CMN Hospitals Founders Award

Thanks for allowing me to support the Children’s Miracle Network by being my customer!