Meeting at The Golf Club of Dublin

I never saw a Tesla Electric Car before – until last Friday. And I must say, it did impress me.

The Golf Club of Dublin at Ballantrae hosted a reception to kick-off the annual Green Energy Ohio meeting on Friday. I am all for renewable energy, but truth be told, I came to see the Teslas.

Tesla is a US company who is manufacturing a series of very successful, electric cars. They’ve been in the news lately, because they just turned a profit and their share value is going through the roof.

Tesla’s sedans are true luxury cars. They’re price is similar to high-end BMWs, Lexus or Mercedes. Consumer reports also gave them the highest rating (99%) of any car.

Tesla Specs

Image used to show visual of tesla car

Currently, their range is around 250 miles, which is pretty decent for electric cars. As their motor is completely quiet,you won’t hear the engine roaring when you accelerate. But they are fast. The model S accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds.

Elon Musk the co-founder of Tesla has this grand vision of getting drivers away from gasoline. He plans to build a network of electric charging stations throughout the country, all powered by solar energy.

Check out the Questions Answered section on their website. It contains an excellent explanation of how to operate an electric car and how electricity generates in each state. No surprises here РOhio gets most of their electricity from coal.

The Green Energy Ohio Meeting

The 13th annual meeting of Green Energy Ohio shows that Ohio is progressive when it comes to renewable energy. From wind-farms in Paulding and Van Wert Counties to solar panel manufacturing and electric refueling stations, this State has the industry buzzing.

For those of you living in Dublin OH, the City maintains an electric charging station at the Dublin Recreation Center. Surprisingly, I found quite a few places where you can charge your electric vehicle around town. You can search a comprehensive list at the Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center.

Learn More About Renewable Energy

The impact of green energy on residential real estate is still small in Dublin. A few homes an businesses use solar panels on their roofs, the City’s vehicle fleet has been converted to CNG (compressed natural gas), and IGS Energy’s headquarters was the first LEED certified building in Central Ohio.

Do you have questions about renewable energy technology for homes? Leave your question in the comment box below this post and we will find answers for you!