It’s that time of year: chilly nights, spooky jack-o-lanterns, and scary movies. Between spooking yourself watching the latest horror film and finding the perfect eye patch to polish off that pirate costume for your office Halloween party, you’ve been house hunting, right?

Maybe this ghostly fun has you thinking of living somewhere… “haunted?” Gasp!

I can help – here are some insider tips on spooky sites in Dublin and Central Ohio.

Dublin Spooky Ghost Tours

One of Dublin’s finest attractions is its Historic District. Downtown Dublin has something for everyone. That’s also where you can locate our office at 106 S. High Street.

It’s a beautiful setting teeming with culture and charm. While it’s very quaint and lovely, it’s also pretty spooky!

Some of the buildings date back to when Dublin was first settled at the beginning of the 19th century. Back in those days, Dublin was a rough place. Pubs and Taverns were everywhere, and most Dubliners didn’t leave home without a rock in case a fight broke out! In those days, Dublin was a place to avoid.

Perhaps this sketchy history serves as the basis for many of the spooky spots visited by paranormal enthusiasts. Regardless of the origin, scare seekers can spook themselves with a tour from Olde Town Ghost Tours. They offer tours throughout the year on a monthly basis. For $10, haunting hopefuls can shiver with fear in the chilly night air while they tour cemeteries and other eerie sites in Dublin, diligently searching for ghosts and “orbs.”

Biddie’s Coach House

One popular stop on these ghost tours is Biddie’s Coach House, a lovely tea room that was in the Sells family for many, many years. Located just down the street from RE/MAX 24/7, Biddie’s Coach House serves traditional Victorian-style tea along with salads, sandwiches, and desserts.

While Biddie’s Coach House may have its elegant charm, it also has had experts investigate for “paranormal activity!”

In 2013, Biddie’s Coach House was investigated by the Paranormal Activity Science Team (PAST) of Central Ohio. It has been reported that Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) picks up a recording there – why not pay Biddie’s a visit and hear for yourself?

Other Dublin Hauntings

Biddie’s Coach House isn’t the only place that haunts in Dublin. Aside from cemeteries and the other usual sites, there has been reports of ghost sightings at the grave of Chief Leatherlips and at the popular Abbey Theater.

Local lore states that Dublin historic figure and Wyandot chief Leatherlips rises from his grave each year in June to mark the anniversary of his death. Sources report that his spirit wants to walk along the Scioto River each year.

The Abbey Theater, located in the Dublin Community Recreation Center, reportedly experienced some paranormal activity after the death of a young Dublin visitor. The reports say the young girl visits the stage wearing costumes from behind the scenes.

Other residential ghost sightings have been cataloged in Dublin and surrounding areas. We can’t say if these reports have any substance. But I assure you that we will fully disclose the haunted history of a home when you’re considering a purchase. Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether you believe in your home’s haunting potential!

Central Ohio Hauntings

Dublin isn’t the only place in Central Ohio that has hauntings. Numerous buildings in Columbus have been cited as being “haunted” or possessing “paranormal activity.” Most notably, the Ohio Statehouse in Downtown Columbus is allegedly haunted by none other than President Abraham Lincoln himself!

On the campus of The Ohio State University, the beautiful Orton Hall tower stands prominently on The Oval. Orton Hall is a gorgeous building with a bell tower surrounded with gargoyles. Allegedly, first OSU president Edward Norton is the eponymous ghost, disciplining students for bad behavior. Perhaps students should remember to mind their manners!

In Downtown Columbus just a short walk from the Columbus Museum of Art, Thurber House on Jefferson Avenue is famous for ghost sightings. The site is named after author and cartoonist James Thurber who rented the house while studying at OSU from 1913 to 1917. Supposedly, Thurber and his brother heard footsteps in the dining room. This apparition purportedly pursued the brothers, and they ran upstairs to shut the door between them and this “intruder.” Thurber was so moved that he wrote The Night the Ghost Got In.

There are many more stories of unsettling tales about ghosts approaching in the night or lonely footsteps in the snow. To read about more Central Ohio hauntings, click here.

Spooky Sales

If moving into a haunted house is your thing, come see us at RE/MAX 24/7. We can fulfill all of your ghostly desires. Even if you think ghosts are mere fantastic fun, you can enjoy a spooky night on a ghost tour in Dublin around Halloween.

Haunted or not, RE/MAX 24/7 can help you find your perfect home.