Nothing says FREEDOM more than sitting on your porch and looking at your own piece of land out in the country. No neighbors peeking in your windows, no traffic jams in front of your house, and no noise from cars and trucks.

That came to my mind when we were riding our bike through corn fields on a quiet township road yesterday morning. I was wondering how nice it would be to live in one of these residences sitting on 10 acre lots seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Why More People Are Looking to Move to the Country

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many people to work from home. This means no more commuting to an office in the city.

Downtown living has become much less attractive. Many bars and restaurants have closed. And ongoing demonstrations and riots make urbanites feel unsafe in their downtown condos.

Acreage is in high demand. Two of my recent listings in Ostrander and Marysville went in contract within days. And my agents tell me that more of their buyers are looking for a home in the country.

The Benefits of Country Living

When buyers look for a country home, they want freedom and space. They want to be free of nosy neighbors, of building restrictions, of homeowners associations policing every shrub they plant.

They want a piece of the Great American Country.

What to Expect When You Move to the Country

If you never lived outside of the city, here are a few things to consider before you make an offer on a rural estate:

  • Yard Maintenance: A large lot needs maintenance. Plan on spending 2 to 4 hours a week on your zero-turn riding mower.
  • Critters: Get used to wildlife. Deer, raccoons, skunks, maybe even a coyote will visit your property.
  • Well & Septic: Most rural homes don’t have access to public water and sewer. You will enjoy your own well water. The National Groundwater Association is a great resource to answer your questions.
  • Propane Heat: You may not be connected to natural gas and rely on propane. Your 1,000-gallon tank has to be refilled once or twice a year.
  • Internet: Broadband is not readily available in the country, and you may have a buy satellite internet service.
  • Private Driveways: The long driveway to your house needs maintenance and snow plowing in winter.
  • Guns: You neighbor may have a shooting range in his backyard.
  • School Income Tax: While property taxes are lower in a township you may be charged a separate school income tax.
  • No Play-Mates for Your Kids: Your children will have the great outdoors to explore when they leave the house, however, you may have to shuttle them to a friend’s home for a play date.
  • Farm Animals: Now that you own a large piece of land with a barn your daughter may suggest you get a pony. Farm animals need a lot of attention. Someone has to feed them and clean out the stable.

Do You Still Want to Live in the Country?

If this does not scare you, call me and let’s go house hunting!

P.S.: Dress appropriately: no skirts and heels, just jeans and boots.

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