A few months ago, this guy left a one-star review on my Google profile …

A Cut-throat Realtor?

“Susanne is a cut-throat realtor who does not have your best interest at heart.”

​At first, I was upset, because he was not my client. But now I consider it a badge of honor.

Why should I have your best interest at heart if you are trying to take advantage of my client?

I will always fight to protect my clients when their biggest investment is at stake.

Here’s What Happened …

My real client, Tracie, made an offer on the one-star reviewer’s house. It was a rehab he just completed. His mother was the listing agent.

The property inspection uncovered lots of hidden defects, repairs not made to code without permits, faulty electrical installations, and all together poor workmanship.

As the buyer you have the right to terminate the contract if the inspection is unsatisfactory. That’s 100% clear in our purchase contract and exactly what Tracie decided to do.

The seller was upset about the contract cancellation. He was offended because we discovered all the shortcuts he took with a very poor renovation.

He refused to sign the mutual release necessary to get Tracie’s earnest money refunded.

Both Buyer and Seller Need to Sign to Release Earnest Money

As a brokerage we are not allowed to release the earnest money deposit without a signed mutual release or a court order.

There’s no way I would let the seller get away with this. Tracie needed the money as deposit for another house.

I did not “threaten” the seller or put a gun to his head. But, there are consequences for not following the contract terms and for delivering a bad rehab without permits.

So, after a few weeks of back-and-forth the seller conceded and signed the release. Tracie received her earnest money back.

She quickly found another house. Here’s the review she left for me …

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