How long’s my commute?

That’s a questions every home buyer wants to know, before submitting an offer on a listing. Our new “Drive Time” function has the precise answer.

Drive Time lets you search for homes for sale based on your commute needs. By adjusting the time of day and driving variables, you’ll be able to determine travel times to and from specific destinations within the area.

You can find the Drive Time tab with any listing on my website and on Simply pick the time of day and how many minutes you want to travel. Drive time will draw a “star-like” overlay on the map to show you how far you will get.

How Far is OSU from Your New Home?

Did you know that it only takes 20 minutes from this exclusive Powell home to the Ohio State University Campus?

Home buyers working at OSU may be surprised to find it only takes 20 minutes to Powell

Homebuyers working at OSU assume they have to buy in Upper Arlington to be “close” to work. Our Drive Time feature shows that you can buy a home as far away as Powell and still keep your commute to less than 20 minutes.

Click here to test Drive Time for yourself!