New construction homes are gaining in popularity, as the inventory of existing homes has dropped to historic lows. For many home shoppers buying or building a new home is less hassle than chasing after existing listings. This is especially true in popular suburbs where new listings receive multiple offers and go in contract in just a few days.

If you can’t find a home you like or keep losing the bidding war against more aggressive buyers, you should consider new construction, too!

New Construction vs Used Homes

There are many benefits of owning a new home. Watch this video series for inspiration:

A national survey of active home shoppers in 25 major metropolitan areas reveals that …

  • 59% strongly consider a brand-new home offered by a builder (inventory home)
  • 42% would consider custom and build-on-your-lot homes
  • 19% are determined to buy a brand new home and will not consider resales
  • Only 46% are searching the inventory of resale homes only.

5 Benefits of Buying a New Home

The number of home buyers who seriously consider new construction or inventory homes has increased by more than 20% in the past 3 years. Here are 5¬†reasons why today’s buyers prefer new homes over used ones.

1. No Competition/No Bidding War

With historically low inventories many home shoppers are losing out in a multiple offer situation. When you buy new there’s no competition and you don’t have to bid over asking price.

2. Design Your Dream Home

You design the floor plan, the layout, and all the features of your new home exactly how you like them. You don’t have to compromise when you build new, and you can install the latest features.

3. Everything New and Warrantied

When you buy a used home you often run into unexpected repairs due to the age of the house. Most used home buyers anticipate engaging in home improvement projects as soon as they move in. In new homes everything is brand new – you can move in and enjoy your residence without worrying about expensive repairs. Most importantly, builders offer strong warranties.

4. Energy Efficiency

New homes are built in accordance with the latest building standards, are better insulated and come with more energy efficient HVAC systems and appliances. This will save you money in the long run.

5. Financial Benefits

There’s a good chance you can buy a builder’s inventory home for less than construction cost. Sometimes builders refer to them as “quick move-in” homes. They’ve been built and dry-walled and can be finished in 30 days, so you don’t have to wait the typical 5 to 6 months before you can move in.

Where Can You Find New Homes?

There’s a lot of new construction going on in Central Ohio. Searching individual builders’ websites is a hassle, and many new homes are not listed on the MLS.

A good place to get started is It provides an overview of new subdivisions and residential developments throughout Central Ohio.

Why Work with a Realtor?

There are many reasons why you should work with an experienced Realtor when you buy a new home. As a real estate agent I will represent YOU.

I can advise you on which options will add real value to your home and which options to drop.

I can make you aware of builder’s specials, close-outs and other incentives.

A month ago I helped one of my clients buy an Inventory Home. The builder had it on the books for a year and was eager to get it sold. Knowing the seller’s motivation helps when you write an offer. All said and done, my client purchased this inventory home for $105,000 less than reproduction cost!

Call me at (614) 975-9650 before you visit a model home or talk to a builder’s rep. I can guide you through the process, help you decide where to build and which features to select for maximum resale value.