The biggest trend in residential home design is multi-generational living.

The Covid pandemic has affected older age groups disproportionately. Many families don’t want their elderly relatives confined to an assisted living center or a nursing facility.

Instead, they are looking for homes that can accommodate the whole family and keep elderly parents safe and socially involved.

Multi-Generational Living

This year builders have been selling more homes designed for multi-generational families than ever before.

Although this trend emerged before the pandemic it really took off this year. More grandparents are moving in with their adult children to take care of grandkids while the parents are working.

Many of my buyers are looking for listings with first-floor owner suites.

They are hard to find with many 2-story homes built before 2000. Post-Covid, they are standard with almost any new construction home.

‚ÄčSeparate Living Spaces

Next Gen home design goes beyond the first-floor bed and bathroom combination. Builders create separate multi-room spaces on the main floor. They often include a second kitchen, an office, and exterior doors.

These living areas fulfill a variety of needs, such as providing an independent apartment for an aging parent, a home office, or a place to homeschool your children.

Accessory Dwelling Units on the Rise

In some parts of the country the interest in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) has exploded.

ADUs are standalone buildings, 500 to 800 sqft in size, with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living area. Think of it as a coach house or cabin sitting in your backyard.

There are companies specializing in ADU construction who offer to install them, similar like pods, and rent them to you for a few years.

This won’t fly in most suburbs due to zoning restrictions. However, I have helped clients find homes in the country with out-buildings that could be converted to ADU’s.

Follow the Trends When You Build New

More people will continue to work from home after Covid. Elder care in assisted and independent living centers becomes exceedingly expensive. That’s why many families will bring aging parents into their home.

Separate, main floor living spaces are here to stay. They will be a desirable feature when you sell your new home in the future.

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