For my final newsletter of the year I’d like to tell you about my last transaction – a great success story for my buyers.

Stephen and Evelyn just purchased their first home a few days ago.  Stephen is a veteran and took advantage of VA financing.

Here’s their journey and how I helped them get a check at closing – as the buyer!

Unmotivated Agent – Wrong Lender

Their house hunting journey got off to a rough start. They initially worked with an unmotivated agent. They looked at a few listings, but that agent was just a door opener and did not offer any advice.

First time buyers have a lot of questions and concerns. That agent did not answer any of them. So, they quickly fired him.

Fortunately, Evelyn registered on one of my websites and called me.

As we started looking at listings, another problem surfaced. Their lender only approved them for $325,000. The homes that fit their needs were more expensive than that.

I suggested they check with the lenders I work with on a regular basis. One of them approved them for $375,000. That’s a lot of extra purchasing power!

A Superior House Hunting Experience

The first house they wanted to see was too expensive. I still showed it to them because it gave me a chance to understand exactly what they wanted.

Once I knew, we focused our home search razor sharp on only the properties that met their criteria. House hunting became very efficient.

During each showing I compared the list price to the market value based on comparable sales. I pointed out potential repair issues that might impact the approval of their VA loan, and I made them aware of maintenance concerns an inexperienced eye would not recognize.

Stephen and Evelyn were very happy: “it’s reassuring to have someone on our side who looks out for us.”

We did not get our first offer accepted.

But we won the second one. I suggested to offer slightly below list price, as the property was listed for a few months, and to ask for seller paid closing costs, so they could buy it with no money out of pocket at closing.

Cash Back at Closing

I guided Stephen and Evelyn through the inspection and negotiated a list of remedies the seller agreed to repair for them.

The best surprise came at the closing table when they received a check for $1,273.56.

Most buyers don’t realize that you can get cash back at closing with VA financing. It was possible because we asked for $5,000 in seller paid closing costs.

​Congratulations to Stephen and Evelyn for buying a $369,000 house in Lewis Center with zero down payment and almost $1,300 cash back at closing!

​​I’ve worked with many Veterans. If you have a VA voucher, call or text me TODAY at (614) 975-9650.