Many existing homes come with low ceilings and layouts that are obsolete for today’s modern lifestyle. Today’s buyers are looking for features a 30-year-old subdivision home can’t provide.

Alternatives to Buying an Existing Home

Building new may be your best option to get the home of your dreams without running up a huge remodeling tab. Unfortunately, you’d have to wait for almost a year before you can move in.

A great alternative to building new is to buy an inventory home.

Some companies refer to them as market homes or quick move-in homes. These are new homes built by the developer and ready to move in.

The Top Benefits of Buying a Market Home

Here are 9 reasons why you should consider a market home instead of building new:

  1. Move in Now: When you buy a market home it’s almost ready to move in. You don’t have to wait another 8 to 12 months until your home is built. You still may be able to pick some final finishes like paint colors and floor coverings.
  2. No Hassles with Contractors: When you build new you should check the status of construction every single week. Contractors make mistakes. They don’t always follow the blueprints and specifications you set at the design center. When you catch them early, they will be able to correct the error.
  3. Popular Features: Builders usually include the most popular features in market homes. You don’t have to spend countless hours at the design center selecting layouts, finishes and fixtures.
  4. Extras: To make market homes more attractive to buyers, builders add special features, such as paver patios or finished basements, which you would have to pay for as upgrades when you build new.
  5. Great Lot: Market homes typically sit on attractive lots.
  6. Inspections: You can do a home inspection before you close.
  7. Warranties: Builders offer full warranties on inventory homes.
  8. Home Orientation: Buyers of market homes are entitled to a detailed home orientation.
  9. Discounts: Most builders sell market homes at a discount. With the end of the year approaching, they are especially motivated. Now’s the perfect time to buy!

Options that Help Buyers

A few weeks ago, I was able to negotiate a $45,000 discount (off the new built price) for one of my clients.

​So, when you buy a Market Home you get all the benefits of a new built home without the long wait and any of the hassles associated with new construction.

There are still 3 weeks to buy a market home this year! Call or text me TODAY at (614) 975-9650.