Are you thinking about building a new home? You’d be surprised what home builders don’t want you to know.

There are many benefits to building. You can design the house you really want without compromises. You are not confined to a limited selection of listings, and you don’t have to compete with other buyers in this hot sellers’ market.

Invariably, you will end up in a builder’s office to learn about their models, select options, and sign a contract.

Before you head to the builder’s model home read this article. It will tell you what the builder’s rep may not tell you, and why you should call me first before you set an appointment.

1. Options May Be Overpriced

The builder’s rep will recommend options most profitable to the builder. Many upgrades don’t keep the value for resale.

2. The Advertised Price is Bare-Bones

The base price of a new build gives you a bare-bones house. When you include upgrades and options you will likely pay 20 – 25% more.

3. You Can Get Your Own Financing

Although builders may offer favorable financing terms, you always have the option to go with your own lender.

4. You Have to Check Progress Frequently

I strongly recommend you visit your lot every couple of weeks and check the progress of construction. More importantly, you want to see if everything they do is according to plan. Contractors make errors all the time. The builder will eventually correct them, but it may result in costly delays.

5. You Can Schedule a Home Inspection

Often buyers assume that the builder will deliver a perfect product. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I always recommend a third-party home inspection to detect any hidden deficiencies before you close.

6. The Builder is Not Working for You

This should not be a surprise as builders are selling their own products. That’s why you need an experienced agent who represents you and your interests.

7. Builders Welcome Realtors

Working with a Realtor will not result in any additional cost to you. Collaborating with an experienced agent makes the builder’s job easier.

When you build a new home, you need someone who has your back.

I have helped 7 clients build or buy a brand-new home in 2019. It did not cost them a dollar more, but it helped them reduce stress, make the process smoother, and saved them a lot of money in free upgrades and discounts.

Talk to me first before you meet with a builder! ​Call or text me TODAY at (614) 975-9650.