As of this morning, only 1,854 homes were listed for sale on the Columbus MLS. That’s 46% less than a year ago.

To say that the housing market is competitive is an understatement.

New construction is a great choice in today’s hyper-low inventory market. You typically don’t have to compete with other buyers, and you can move into a brand-new home.

Keep reading to find out why you need professional representation to get the best deal for your money when you build new.

1. The Builder’s Rep is Not Representing You

When you visit a model home you end up talking with a sales rep. This person is employed by the builder and paid on commission. It is in their best interest to motivate you to sign a contract immediately.

A builder’s rep will try to sell you options that are profitable for the builder, not necessarily what you really need or what adds value for a future resale.

Their sales tactics include limiting the selection of lots, telling you that new ones will only be released in a few months, or scaring you with the ever-increasing cost of building materials.

You need professional representation by a Realtor who can advise you on the real value of options, and who advocates on your behalf.

2. You Won’t Get a Discount if You Buy Without an Agent

Some buyers believe they can negotiate a lower sales price if they talk to the builder’s rep directly and cut out the agent.

That’s not the case. You won’t get a discount by representing yourself!

Builders know that Realtors help them sell more new homes. We make their life easier, because represented buyers are better prepared and educated.

3. Use the Builder’s Financing and Get Favorable Terms

While you may not get discounts on the price of your new construction home, there’s a good chance you get financing incentives with the builder’s preferred lender.

Often, they pay for your closing costs, which can save you $3,000, $5,000, or more. A great benefit when you want to conserve cash.

The Benefit of Professional Representation

As a buyer, you will get a lot of value working with an experienced professional, like myself.

I can advise you on selecting the best options that retain the highest value for your new home. That’s important, because options and upgrades easily add 20% or 25% to the base purchase price.

I have access to a network of builders and their current incentives.

This will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to sit through high pressure sales presentations in every single new development. I can schedule appointments in advance and represent you during all negotiations.

​Best of all, working with me does not cost you any money!

​Allow me to represent you with the most important purchase of your life!

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