The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is usually slow when it comes to selling real estate. Most people are busy preparing for the holidays, shopping, decorating, attending parties and year-end celebrations. But buyers are usually have more commitment and drive to buy so it’s actually a great time to list your property.

So, it may not sound like a good idea to list your home in December.

Let me explain why marketing your Dublin home for sale during the holiday season is an excellent idea. It may give you a huge competitive advantage over other home owners that wait until January or even spring, before they put their home on the market.

Here are seven reasons why you should list your home during the holiday season. There’s a good chance you get more money in a shorter time.

1. Buyers Looking in December are Serious

There may be fewer buyers looking for homes in December. However, people who look for a home during the holiday season are very serious. They are ready to buy. You need fewer showings to get a quality offer for your home.

2. Less Competition

There are fewer homes on the market in December. Buyers have fewer houses to look at and fewer choices, which means less competition for you and potentially more money when you sell.

3. Avoid the January Listing Spike

After the holidays people are ready to catch up. The supply of listings increases substantially in January, which lowers the demand for your home. More competition means more choices for buyers and less money for you as the seller.

Why you should list your Dublin Home during the holidays

4. Holiday Decorations

A beautifully decorated home shows better and attracts more offers. Your home is already decorated for the holiday season. No extra staging or decorating is necessary to make your home look its best.

5. Buyers have more Time to Look

Despite of all the holiday shopping and Christmas parties, buyers have more time to look at your home during the holiday season. Many people take vacation time before or after Christmas, so they can spend extra time house hunting. They may even have family around for the holidays who want to tag along and help buyers select their new home.

6. Restrict Showing Hours at your Convenience

You are in control during the holiday season. It is perfectly fine to restrict the showings on your home to the times that are convenient for you. Days are shorter, so there is less time to see the outside of your property during daylight hours. You are in control. Buyers will understand that you may not want to show your home, when you are celebrating.

7. List Now – Move in January

You can sell your house now and get more money before the end of the year. However, you will not have to physically move until January. We may even be able to negotiate a February moving date.

Do you see, how you can take advantage of the holiday season and get your home sold quickly?

If you are thinking about selling next year, why not list it right now!

The extra low inventory of homes for sale in Dublin OH gives you an extra leg up over other sellers.

Call me today at (614) 975-9650. Let me help you sell your propertyfor top dollar during the holiday season!