Five years ago most home buyers never heard the term “short-sale”. Now it has become a household name. Columbus homes listed as short-sales may be excellent deals and can often be purchased below market value.

8583 Clover Glade, Lewis Center, OH Columbus HUD homes

When a home is offered as a short-sale, the seller is usually upside-down and owes the bank more than the house is worth. The seller is probably facing foreclosure and asks the lender to accept a lower payoff to release the mortgage, so they can sell the house.

Short-Sales Are Unpredictable

The mortgage holder (lender) has to approve the sale and pay-off of their loan. This may take months of negotiating and lots of paperwork to proof that the home owner can’t afford the house any longer.

Whether you are a buyer or seller of a short-sale home for sale, you better work with a real estate agent who knows how to successfully negotiate and close a short-sales.

Why Buy Homes Listed As Short-Sales?

I strongly recommend that you make offers on homes for sale listed as short-sales.

  1. Short-sale homes are less expensive than regular listings; sometimes you can get them for less money than HUD homes or REOs.
  2. You don’t have to compete with other buyers in an auction; most of the time you will be the only bidder.
  3. Short-sales are often newer homes and in better condition than most bank-owned properties and REOs;

I have personally negotiated around 200 short-sales. So, I know what to expect and how you can get the best deal as a buyer. Don’t be afraid to bid on short-sales. Be ready to deal with unreasonable lenders and be patient. You may well end up with an excellent home at a bargain price.

Featured Short-sale Home

Here’s one of of the short-sale homes I have available. It is currently listed for $160,000, however, a HUD home around the corner sold for just $132,000. I am confident that the bank will settle for a similar amount to avoid the hassles of completing a foreclosure.

Call me and let’s discuss a bidding strategy!

This Lewis Center house is just 9 years old. It may look like a tiny ranch from the front, but it comes with a finished basement, 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, all kitchen appliances, as well as a deck and a patio in the back.

Disregard the asking price! Lower offers are strongly encouraged!

8583 Clover Glade, Lewis Center, OH
Asking Price: $160,000
Year Built: 2002
Sq Footage: 2,300
includes finished basement
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms 3/0
Category: Shortsale
Schools: Olentangy

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Don’t worry about the list price. Submit a lower offer that meets your budget!
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