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Testimonial for Susanne Novak, Realtor SOLD 2399 Brigham Ct Dublin Ohio

Testimonials & Letters from Happy Customers

I like the way you do business Susanne, it was immediate to me in fact. I will always promote you to anyone I know looking to buy and/or sell their property (and Sean feels the same way!). We have worked with a handful of agents in the past and you were not our first rodeo but you will be our everlasting one!

I wouldn’t think of anyone else for my real estate needs! You were great with us on Coogan selling and the experience was better than we’ve ever had with any Realtor!

Many thanks!

Cheers, Heather Ivory

Hi! I am writing you to refer susanne to be your Realtor. She is amazing!! When we first interviewed agents, she was very confident, prepared, and very helpful with what she recommended we do before listing. She had a list price in mind and had the documentation to support how she came up with it. We interviewed other agents that had no documentation and just threw a number out to us (which was way lower than hers) to try to sell quickly and make their commission.

Susanne was in it for us. She is VERY prompt at responding to emails, calls, or texts. I do not think I have ever waited more than an hour for response. We listed our house at her recommended price and were in contract at full asking price the very first day! She is amazing to work with and I really think you would feel the same way.

Deb Labbe

Testimonial from Jeff Sweet - Innovation Drive, Dublin OHWe are Jeffrey and Laura Sweet, and we recently sold our home which was listed with Susanne Novak. We were also looking for a new home with her as well and would highly recommend Susanne.

She has a high level of experience which shows in her guidance of the entire selling and buying experience. She is extremely detail oriented and helped us to prioritize what needed done (and not) in order to put our house on the market at a great price. We actually listed our home based on Susanne’s recommendation for $314,900, which was more than we ever thought possible and sold it for only $4900 less than asking which was 98.4% of the asking price. We ended up with 3 offers, the first coming after only 5 days and were in contract with the 3rd offer after 10 days on the market. We would say this speaks highly of her negotiating skills.

We started working with Susanne last August and even though she knew that we would not be listing until April, we never felt as though we were less than a priority. Her company name 24/7 is right on….she responds pretty much immediately to important and not so important inquiries. In fact, we never had any idea how busy she is because she made us to feel as if we were her only clients.

We have never had an experience that was this good with other Realtors and are continuing our relationship with Susanne as she has helped us to purchase a piece of property which we intend to build on. This is not due to her lack of willingness to show us houses. She took us to every one that we wanted to see without complaint. We just couldn’t find what we were looking for. She has also attended meetings with our builder to aid the building process. One which, we might add gains her nothing financially.

I hope we have conveyed that our experience with Susanne was nothing short of extraordinary.

Jeffrey & Laura Sweet

I was more than satisfied with the service that Susanne provided for me as my agent when selling my condo in Dublin last year. I would without a doubt give her my full endorsement when either buying or selling a home.

From the very beginning she was very hands on and I could quickly tell she had a great understanding of the local real estate market. She is very detail oriented and within a day or two of reaching out to her she provided me with a wonderful booklet of information on my property as well as properties in the area.

Susanne is very honest and realistic which nowadays is a wonderful trait as too many people tell you only what you want to hear. Whether it was during the day or late at night, Susanne was always very prompt in answering emails/calls/texts.

Throughout the entire process I was impressed with her professionalism as well as her negotiating skills when working with other agents. Overall, my experience working with Susanne was great. I would definitely work with her again.

Matt Decker, Financial Advisor

Reviews from Trulia

Trulia Testimonials for Susanne Novak, RE/MAX 24/7 Dublin OH

I chose Susanne for her experience, professionalism and personality.

Susanne was honest and upfront with me about listing my house.
She gets things done right now and you can reach her easily by phone, text or email.

My house was in contract in 2 days after listing it. The offer was $2000 off my asking price which is outstanding. Susanne did a wonderful job marketing my house on-line and with flyers/brochures. She took fantastic photos to help highlight my house.

I am very pleased with Susanne and would highly recommend her.

Cheri Morgan

Testimonials Left on Facebook

Facebook testimonial for Susanne Novak, RealtorFacebook Testimonial for Susanne Novak, Realtor

I can categorically state that Susanne’s expertise, insight and intuition were instrumental in us selling our property in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, she was key in strategically pricing our house at a level that was the most $ per square foot for its size and thus getting us the maximum sale price. Although the house sale was aggressively priced to stretch the market asking and selling price, and that we had some challenging offers. She secured the sale which exceeded our expectations.

The unique aspect of Susanne is her work ethic, and puts in 110% to get your house sold. Equally, she gave us the confidence to keep to her strategy which resulted in our house sale. She kept to our schedule and got us the best price we could have dreamed of.

Kind Regards

Phil Irwin

I think you’ve done a beautiful job. Your pictures are really good and the video is great! Thanks for everything!

Wanda Newman

Susanne had the best recommendations and information’s, resulting in my retaining her to sell our home. I was not disappointed; she took over; and soon sold our home in a very professional, and satisfactory manner.
I do not hesitate to recommend her.

Ralph D. Dickson

Zillow Testimonial for Susanne Novak

Hi Suzanne!

Sorry for the delay, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

We are very glad to hear about developing of your business.

We just want to thank-you again for the wonderful place that you found for us.We still cannot believe how this beautiful home of ours was purchased within our budget.

I don’t think any other Realtor could have done this.

We were also very impressed with how quickly you returned all of calls – and we called you a lot! And how easily you kept solving the problems that kept arising along the way. You just don’t find that kind of service these days!

Galya Hampton


Thanks again for making the trip down to show me the houses. As I’m sure you already know… I LOVE that house!!!!

Thanks so much and I feel so comfortable with you, because it’s obvious you know what you are doing. I appreciate your help. Take care

Valerie Koker

Susanne Novak helped me out of a very difficult situation. I divorced in 2006 and placed the house on the market (with another agent) to sell for several months. I had no showings, but I was able to maintain the property, even though I was $1500 a month in the red for over a year. (Then) I found out that my home decreased in value $80,000 in a one-year timeframe, so I owed more on the home than what it was worth. Then I found out that my job was being eliminated. A friend gave me the phone number for the Novak’s.

I contacted Susanne and she told me they had a solution for me, a short sale. Susanne explained the process to me and handled everything, from acting as my realtor to negotiating a deal with the bank to setting up the closing. I know for sure that the bank would have foreclosed on my home if not for her help. Thanks for everything!

Vickey J., Powell OH

THANK YOU SUSANNE! I enjoyed working with you and I will continue to send you referrals… You are Great.

Anthony T., Westerville OH

We were first time buyers and did not know where to start or what to do. Susanne met with us and made it really easy to understand. She explained everything, answered all of our questions (and we had dozens of them) and we found our dream home the 2nd day out looking, just as she had said it might happen. I will recommend her to all of my friends and family.

Carrie B., Westerville OH

Susanne is head and shoulders above the rest … she understands her business, works with honesty and integrity and gets the job done.

Don’t settle for an inexperienced agent, call the best!

Helen R., Dublin