Home Buying Wish List Part 3: What’s Your Property Style?

“Variety is the spice of life,” as the old saying goes… but people often like one spice more than another. Columbus OH homes for sale come in many different varieties or configurations. Here’s the second in a 3-part series about selecting a home.

What type of home do you prefer?

Single family. These are the classic homes of the American Dream. They offer privacy and a space of one’s own. They also provide a yard for gardening or play. On the downside, they are more expensive to buy and maintain, and you have to take care of both the house and the property.

Condominiums. Some people prefer multiple-family units, since they are generally easier to maintain and are often newer than single-family homes. They also tend to be less expensive. On the other hand, Columbus condos are less private and offer less space. You have to pay a monthly condo fee, but in return you don’t have to worry about yard work or maintenance.

How many stories do you want?

Single Story/Ranch Style. Single story Columbus houses are great for seniors or people with disabilities. They’re also easier to keep clean and to maintain a consistent temperature. They’re noisier, though, since living areas are right next to bedrooms. Some people are uncomfortable sleeping on the ground floor.

Two Story. Additional levels in a home offer more living space. Bedrooms are separated from living areas, and therefore are quieter. Multiple story homes are more difficult to heat and cool evenly and harder to keep clean. You might also find yourself running up and down stairs numerous times during the day.

Multi-Levels. Like suburbia does with locations, split level homes try to offer the best of both worlds. Because it’s a compromise, most rooms (other than the living room) tend to be a little smaller. Split levels are often less expensive than multiple story houses.

Is there a particular architectural style you prefer?

Tudor, Ranch, Colonial, A-Frame and more. Columbus OH homes for sale come in many different architectural styles. Some of them refer to specific time periods (e.g., Colonial and Victorian) while others are tied to particular lifestyles (Ranch or A-Frame.) If you know you want to do formal entertaining, for instance, then a more austere architectural style will probably serve your needs better since these homes were constructed to have formal dining and living rooms. If weekend barbeques are your passion, than a Ranch-style or A-Frame house might be more in line with your lifestyle.

Brick, Stone, Vinyl, Wood, Shingle and Stucco. Some people love the look and feel of a brick or stone home, which tends to be very sturdy, but also needs periodic specialized maintenance. Homes that are vinyl sided are easy to maintain and rarely need repair. Houses clad in wooden siding or shingles last a long time, but need fairly regular painting, as do stucco homes. Log cabins are surprisingly maintenance-free, but are usually available only in rural areas.

Some older styles, like Tudor, combine different materials. Tudor houses often also have leaded glass windows, which are attractive but expensive to repair.

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